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A space that is entirely your own

Freedom to live the way you want to

Welcome to a place where individuals like you can enjoy a quiet cup of tea or an afternoon reconnecting with old, forgotten hobbies. A place that you can call entirely your own, because it is tailored to your needs. A place where you are not just treated like royalty, but live like it too, with life taken care of at the touch of a button. Where you are no longer old, but young and independent again. That is Primus Reflection for you – a state-of-the-art lifestyle crafted exclusively for seniors and their families.

Start an adventure at 55

At Primus Reflection, being 55 years or older is an advantage; it entitles you to a life of privilege, with services such as Bespoke Hospitality TM, push-button conveniences, emotional technology, and geriatric-focused facilities and amenities, to name a few. You will never spend a moment worrying or distracted – your day is filled with new things to learn and experience. Your health and nutritional requirements are looked after just as much as your emotional and social well-being. All you have to do, is sit back and enjoy the life you deserve.

We will bring conveniences to your doorstep

Imagine experiencing the sort of hospitality reserved for royalty, every day. At Primus Reflection, that is how far we go to ensure everything you need is taken care of. No more stressing about running errands, daily chores, diet requirements, or calling for help when you need it. By liberating you from mundane everyday tasks, we make more time for you to do the things you love.

We will keep you connected, always

When you choose to live at Primus Reflection, you also actively choose to keep in touch with your loved ones as and when you want using Primus Companion TM, our custom technology platform. Not just that – the technology allows you to share and view memories, gives you timely reminders, and much more.

“Seniors deserve every luxury they get”

We are united in our goal of providing a luxury lifestyle for our seniors. Their days are filled with ways to reconnect with old hobbies and discover new ones. Seniors get to live on their own terms, secure in the knowledge that their life is taken care of for them – all they need to do is enjoy it.

Shantasheela, General Manager – Operations at Primus Lifespaces Pvt. Ltd.

We make senior care our priority

We believe that seniors in India do not have the sort of care and attention they deserve. As life spans increase and the senior population grows, there is a need for services and products that are focused on and around seniors. And that is where we, Primus, come in.

We create a complete ecosystem of organized senior care that spans services, products, living spaces, and technology to improve the quality of lives of seniors.


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