Caring for your parents
just like you do

An organized senior care ecosystem that is ideal for them

The choice to live free

We understand that it is not easy to help your parents live a life of absolute comfort when there are other pressing responsibilities that also seek your attention; Primus Reflection is our way of supporting the efforts you – and individuals like you – take to ensure your parents lead a life that is free of dependencies, by creating an ecosystem of organized senior care that is exclusive, extensive, and nurturing.

Safe, secure, and self-sufficient

The gated community of Primus Reflection encloses conveniences catering specifically to seniors. Whether it is the Bespoke HospitalityTM Services, the emergency medical center, the multi-cuisine restaurant, or the event management team that keeps seniors busy with fun activities every day, life at Primus Reflection is designed to give you and your parents peace of mind. In fact, you can continue to live here with your parents, if you choose to.

A community of people who are
an extension of you

Conveniences, now served on a silver platter

Running errands, fixing leaking taps, keeping the house clean – anything that may cause your parents undue physical or psychological stress is something we take care of for them. Our Bespoke Hospitality TM services are tailored to make sure that everyday living for your parents involves nothing more than waking up, staying active with people their age, eating right, and sleeping peacefully. It is a convenient and comfortable life – one that you wish for them as well.

Be there, no matter where you are

We understand that there will be many times when you cannot be physically present for your parents; that does not mean that you cannot be there for them at all. Primus CompanionTM, our custom technology platform, is designed to keep you close to them, regardless of geographical boundaries. The app will help you share moments, keep in touch, and send you updates on their health and well-being.

Holistic living – a Primus priority

Many members of my family are well into their old age. I see the efforts they maketo stay independent, round-the-clock. One of the things I asked myself when we started, was how I could use my experience to give seniors the power of independence. The result was Bespoke Hospitality:tm:, Push-button Services, and complete Convenience Care. We have removed every reason for worry, fear, and stress. And given them every reason to be happy.

Adarsh Narahari
Managing Director – Primus Lifespaces Pvt. Ltd.

Primus – luxury living and convenience care for seniors

Primus exists to provide organized senior care to the elderly through services and living spaces that are luxurious, comfortable, and equipped with every convenience. We believe that seniors in India do not have the sort of care and attention they deserve. There is a need for services and products that are focused on and around the elderly. And that is where we, Primus, come in.

We create a complete ecosystem that integrates bespoke services, hospitality, healthcare, technology, and senior-friendly design to give seniors what they deserve: a superior lifestyle.

Invest in senior living that will benefit
you and your loved ones

Your parents will always appreciate the lifestyle and you will always appreciate investing in a property that makes business sense.

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