Resort-style Living

Everything your parents need for a
seamlessly convenient life

A safe haven in the city

At their age, your parents need a space that is noise-free, stress-free, and yet not too far from the people they love or the things they love to do. Primus Reflection is that sort of space. Located on Kanakpura Main Road, it is nestled amidst landscaped gardens, a golf course, a mini theater and plenty of greenery – far away from the concrete jungle, but not far from the conveniences of everyday life.

Making every detail count

Whether it is a home or the entire property, we have taken great care to design every aspect of Primus Reflection keeping the needs and concerns of seniors in mind. Here is a closer look at our key features.

Intelligent Home Design
Attention to details makes our living spaces absolutely convenient and senior-friendly. For example, the bathrooms are fitted with grab handles and anti-skid tiles; the lobbies are wide and spacious, with wide lifts that can fit stretchers with ease; and the wireless emergency alarm system at home alerts our on-premise team of any accidents or emergencies that may arise.
Secure living
Safety and well-being are important concerns of any senior; while designing Primus Reflection, both these aspects have been taken into consideration. We are particular about making the property a safe haven for our seniors. From the moment you drive through our gates, we ensure the safety of seniors in multiple ways. A security team – hired after a thorough background check – patrols the perimeter and the premises at all times. You will also be given a wearable wireless device that alerts your loved ones and us in case of an emergency.
Fitness for Body & Soul
The gym at Primus Reflection is designed specifically for seniors, with hydro pneumatic equipment that is geriatric friendly, with in-built safety features that work the muscles without straining them. And if you don’t feel like unwinding with exercise, they could use the Empyrean Concierge TM to book a massage at our spa and let our trained masseuses and masseurs work the stress away from your limbs.

So many ways to indulge

Designing a well-crafted property for seniors is a lot like creating a flawless dish. Every ingredient serves a purpose and is necessary to make it perfect for those indulging in it. Our facilities and amenities help us go all the way to ensure your parents get the full benefits of organized senior care, right from the time they wake up to when they retire for the day.

Wi-Fi enabled premises

There is safety and convenience in staying connected, always. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, so your parents are never far from help.

Spa and massage center

Our trained massage therapists ensure that the wellness of their mind and body is in good hands.

Lounge/recreational areas

Your parents can indulge in a guilt-free night out or catch up with friends over a drink or two.

Geriatric gym

Our state-of-the-art gym is well-stocked with hydro pneumatic equipment designed specifically for seniors. In-built safety features make exercising easy, gentle, and safe.

Multi-cuisine restaurant and coffee shop

No matter what their dietary needs, your parents are always in for a healthy,
delicious surprise at our restaurant or café.

Swimming pool

The best thing about swimming is that it provides a good cardio workout without hurting joints. And our pool is located in a place that makes swimming a picturesque exercise.

Library/browsing center

There are rows and rows of books covering a whole range of topics in our library. And if your parents are not in the mood to let their imagination run wild, they could surf the Internet.

Reflexology walkway

The cobbled pathways are designed to work on the feet’s pressure points, so walking around is an absolute pleasure.

Herbal/hobby garden

If your parents have a green thumb and love getting their hands dirty gardening, then our garden area is just what they need.

Golf course and sports facilities

Seniors can practice their putting skills on the golfing greens or gather friends for a game of badminton, table tennis or billiards.

Mini theater

There is no better way to spend a couple of hours than to catch a fun movie, and no better place for your parents to watch it than here.

Healthcare Center

We have a well-equipped healthcare center with an on-call doctor and nurses to handle emergencies. The center is also equipped with telemedicine and health record management facilities.

On-site ambulance service

Always on stand-by, the ambulance comes handy when there are emergencies that require the immediate attention of specialists at nearby hospitals.

Meditation Hall

We can help your parents find their inner balance and restore their emotional equilibrium with a relaxing session of meditation and yoga.

Koi Pond

The ethereal beauty of the Koi fish is just the thing to take your parents’ minds off of any concerns. The Koi Pond is designed to help them find a Zen moment.

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