Be there, technically

Stay updated on your parents’ lives, always

Emotional technology
for everyone

Almost nothing functions without the aid of technology. Human interaction depends largely on it, but we also understand that your parents have a hard time navigating the current technology landscape. So how do you stay in touch? Well, we have created Primus Companion TM, a custom technology platform, to make staying in touch, sharing, and updating simple.

The interface is designed keeping the difficulties of the elderly in mind, so using it absolutely simple and easy for seniors with little or no computer experience. Built on a secure Website, it allows you to customize and manage the device from anywhere using any computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Stay connected,
worry less

The beauty and simplicity of Primus Companion TM lies in the fact that it makes geographical boundaries disappear. Technology enables us to stay in touch in real-time. We just use that ability to keep you connected with your parents at all times through a geriatric-friendly interface. All your parents have to do is press ‘Call me’ instead of dialing the number, and a notification will be sent to you, so you can get in touch with them instantly.

Share moments,
be there

There are times when parents miss out on key moments of your life or vice versa – it happens to all of us. Primus Companion TM removes the regret from the equation by letting you share picture and video memories with each other, instantly. Want to show them what your holiday looks like while you’re there? Or send a recorded message of your baby’s first word? Just shoot and share at the tap of a button.

12:45 p.m.
Collage making

Collage making

18:30 p.m.
Photomemory Board

Photomemory Board

20:00 p.m.


Get health notifications through the day

There are times when your parents may forget to take their medicine or may have made an appointment to meet a physician. The Primus Companion TM app helps them keep track of their dosages and appointments, simultaneously informing you as well. It even sends reminders on activities or prescriptions, so neither of you will have to tax your minds remembering things or worry unnecessarily.

Peace of mind for you and your family

Primus Companion™ is a small component of the convenience care we focus on providing your parents. With facilities such as one-touch calls, event and medical reminders, concierge services, and photo/video sharing, you will be as tuned into your parents’ everyday lives as they will be into yours. It is technology that helps you sleep easy.


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